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The GLO Center Serves the LGBTQIA community in the Ozarks through support, resources, education, and advocacy, to create a more inclusive and welcoming community where all can thrive. With the help of our allies, GLO strives to make a positive impact on the community at large.

The GLO Center is a place to be yourself, a place to meet others in the community, and a place to find information about the community at large. In essence, the GLO Center is YOUR place for LGBTQIA+ community in the Springfield and the Ozarks region in Missouri.

Become a member today to help sustain Missouri's longest-running LGBTQIA+ community center!

Springfield LGBTQIA+ community history

History of the glo center

A group of local leaders recognized a need to establish a safe place for the entire LGBTQIA+ community to meet, receive support, and share resources; together they founded GLO in 1996. GLO is now the oldest operating LGBTQIA+ center in Missouri and is the only LGBTQIA+ center in southwest Missouri. GLO is staffed by volunteers and is open weekly to offer support groups, events, and a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ population. The GLO Center is governed by a Board of Directors, whose 13 members are elected to three-year terms and may serve for three consecutive terms. Volunteers are organized into committees, where they can hone leadership skills and meld their passions with the mission of GLO.

OUr staff


Executive Director
Aaron joined GLO as its first full-time Executive Director at the beginning of 2024. His time as an LGBTQ+ advocate led to serving on the board of PFLAG Springfield/SWMO for several years, including two years as president. Professionally, before accepting this role, Aaron served the community in several roles at the Springfield-Greene County Health Department and was the development director for FosterAdopt Connect. His goal is simple, to make southwest Missouri a better, safer place for all LGBTQ+ people. Aaron is also a small business owner, an award winning mead maker, and a foster parent.

Aaron Schekorra

Executive Director | he/him


Group Coordinator
Collins is a longtime GLO volunteer and has been working with GLO's youth group since 2015. In their career as a queer rights advocate they have worked on campaigns, testified in hearings at the capitol, served on local boards, and organized projects and events, including GLO’s first Queer Artist Showcase. GLO matters to Collins because it provides them with a sense of belonging and opportunities to build community. When they’re not at GLO, Collins invests in queer joy by playing Dungeons and Dragons and by playing ukulele in their trans folk band.

Collins Chetwin

Group Coordinator | they/them


Emerson is new to Springfield and just started graduate studies at MSU. When they're not studying, they love to kayak, craft, and hang with their pup, Maddie. With experience in Communications & Marketing, they're eager to get plugged in & support the mission of GLO.

Emerson Cowan

Intern | they/them

Petyr "Peewee"

Petyr is a queer Haudenosaunee man, as well as a local artist and writer. He loves finding the joy in the weird, gross and strange, and translates that love into his works. When he's not creating, he spends his time volunteering and getting involved with his community."

Petyr "Peewee" Cruikshanks

Intern | he/him


Sabrina is a transgender woman who came out in 2019 and started her transition in 2022. She enjoys spending her time active in the community, from attending and facilitating support groups to planning community activities. Outside of that, she enjoys nature, running, being a cutie, and the Oxford comma.

Sabrina Lindaman

Intern | she/they


Sarah is a Springfield native completing a bachelor's degree in Strategic Communications. She is interested in using her skills for a career in public relations or journalism. Sarah is a lover of cats, reading, card games, and tea!

Sarah Cummings

Intern | she/her

Our Board


Ozarks Pridefest Chair
GLO is extremely important to Megan because it provides essential resources for the LGBTQIA+ population, specifically locally. Safety is crucial; she has learned through her own past career as a teacher that it is incredibly difficult for people to grow and flourish without safe spaces to do so. Megan knows GLO provides that safe space for many. A fun fact about Megan is she has never lost at 90’s music trivia or Pac-Man. (Bring it on )

Megan Baldridge

President | she/her

Dr. Caitlin

Programming Chair
Caitlin was born in England but grew up in the southernmost part of New Zealand. In 2015 she moved to Long Island, New York to complete their PhD in Political Science. In 2020 she moved to Springfield to be a Professor at Missouri State University. She is the current Vice-President of the MSU Faculty and Staff LGBTQIA+ group. She enjoys combining their passions for sports and travel by attending various events including the recent FIFA Women's World Cup in New Zealand and the Netball World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa where she got to meet one of her LGBTQIA+ hero's Caster Semenya.

Dr. Caitlin Davies

Vice President | she/her


Ozarks Inclusion Project chair
Dany is an Equality Organizer for PROMO Missouri, an organization fighting MO’s legislation. They are a dedicated advocate that continues to push himself & boundaries in the effort to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong & can thrive. Growing up Latinx, losing a parent to suicide, getting cancer & being trans, they have dealt with discrimination, hostility, & feeling unwelcome. Dany is an educator that oversees the Ozarks Inclusion Project & provides education workshops for those striving to make their places more inclusive of all lived identities. Dany enjoys crocheting, spending time with their wife & kids hiking, whitewater rafting, & even skydiving.

Dany Lacio

Secretary | they/he


Brittany, originally from just outside Springfield, came out during a challenging battle with cancer in her early twenties when she met her wife. Previously a silent advocate, Brittany's journey fueled her determination, prompting her active involvement in GLO. Now in remission, she's blessed with a supportive partner & a wonderful son. Graduating from PROMO's Path to Power Cohort empowered her to advocate for SPS students & testify at Capitol. Brittany aspires to amplify visibility & support for Springfield's LGBTQ+ community. Passionate about travel & the outdoors, her family has explored the Olympic trail, conquered CO's Sand Dunes, & hiked the Appalachian trail in TN.

Brittany Dyer

Treasurer | she/her

Dr. Kyler

Community & Media Liaison
Kyler is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Faculty Affiliate in the Gerontology program at Missouri State University. He is a dedicated and award-winning teacher and adviser who focuses on empowering students to address challenges in their communities through activism and policy. He also serves on several boards, Missouri Foundation for Health, Council on Aging, PROMO Missouri, Springfield NAACP, and is a PRB Trustee.Kyler has long been a huge epic fantasy and comic book nerd and can be found in his downtime playing Dungeons and Dragons or arguing with his friends as to whether Marvel or DC is king.

Dr. Kyler Sherman-Wilkins

Community Liaison | he/him


Linda Leicht is a retired journalist who covered the GLO Center several times while working at the Springfield News-Leader. During her years as a journalist, Linda interviewed many famous people, from Jerry Falwell to Bill Maher, but her favorite encounters had nothing to do with the news. She personally met Elvis in 1972 (then turned down an offer to ride in his plane) and Del Shannon in 1961. She also worked with START and EMBRACE to help put on Trans Day of Visibility and Trans Day of Remembrance in honor of her granddaughter, Amelia, a beautiful young trans woman.

Linda Leicht

Member | she/her


Stephen, a gay man born during the tumultuous era of World War II, faced adversity not only from the war's impact but also his family's disapproval. Subjected to a decade of intense psychotherapy rooted in Freudian principles, he emerged resilient. He studied Eastern history & Philosophy at the University of Kansas & embarked on a transformative journey circling the globe on an old Dutch ship. Taught Shakespeare & Poetry in New South Wales & later worked as a Kangaroo hunter near the Darling River. Now he dedicates his time to breeding & selling rare dogs on an international scale & writing.

Stephen Bennett

Member | he/him


Courtney is a biracial Black gay woman who grew up in a community that was not accepting of these things. Racism and homophobia have impacted her firsthand and those she loves the most. She wants to live in a world where folks can go to work, go to the grocery store, just be in their community and feel safe being their authentic self. There’s a lot of work to do to continue to cultivate that safety and she wants to do her part in pushing the needle in our community. A fun fact about her is that she can find Jesus in 7 clicks on Wikipedia with any word you give her! “Challenge me, I dare you!” She also loves card games, cooking, and cocktails.

Courtney Cook

Member | she/her


Madaline always has a passion for helping people and they are excited to channel that passion into the GLO Center! They first began their work with GLO back in February 2023 when they joined the Pride Planning Committee; after joining the Young Adult group, they found an environment that was so supportive and caring, that encouraged them to live as authentically as possible! They knew they wanted to give back to GLO and are excited to continue to move GLO forward. When not at GLO, they enjoy spending time with friends and family, playing with their 3 cats, and crocheting.

Madaline Mudd

Member | they/them


Jeremy was born and raised in Springfield and loves to call this city my home. He is engaged to his wonderful fiance, Zion, and they have two beautiful dogs, Bentley (Goldendoodle) and Josie (Catahoula). Jeremy works in Operations for a local non-profit that aims to engage, support, and transform our community so we can all thrive. His personal mission is to make the Ozarks a place that everyone can call "home", and that's why supporting the GLO Center in every way possible is important to him.

Jeremy Dean

Member | he/him


Holland Wilson

Member | they/them

Upcoming Events

Life Queer-ies at GLO

What: Dr. Kristen Harper (MSU) will be joining us this month with the topic of “Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome”.
When: Sunday, February 25, 12 PM – 2 PM
Where: The GLO Center

Turn Out to Vote 2024

What: This is your opportunity to engage with PROMO and the League of Women Voters, gaining insights into actionable steps you can take.
When: Saturday, March 2, 12 PM – 3 PM
Where: The GLO Center

GLO Volunteer Orientation

What: Interested in being a GLO Volunteer? This orientation will familiarize you with the GLO Center’s work and prepare you to be a GLO volunteer.
When: Saturday, March 9, 2 PM – 3 PM
Where: The GLO Center

Queer Artists Showcase 2024

What: We are happy to announce the 2024 Queer Artist Showcase, featuring two distinct and exciting events for an even more diverse celebration of art and expression.
When: March 15 & 16
Where: The GLO Center