The GLO Center depends on you.

We rely on contributions from generous people like you to support our programming, expand our outreach, and keep the center open. We offer various sustaining membership options, so it's easy to choose the level that's right for you. The recurring monthly donations from our sustaining members help us plan our budget, which means that we can pay the utilities, keep a staff member, and create exciting new programs for the community. Explore the options below to decide what type of donation is right for you!


We appreciate single contributions of any amount! Click the link below to donate now.

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Membership Levels

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Your $5 monthly donation helps us keep the center open. Plus, you get a free decal, a koozie, and other membership-exclusive swag! 

Your monthly donation of $12.50 means we can provide more programming. And it earns you a membership-exclusive t-shirt, plus other cool merch throughout the year.

Your donation of $25/month makes GLO's services accessible to more people. Also, we'll mail you an exclusive GLO multi-tool and all the prizes in the categories listed above!

When you pledge $50/month to GLO, you bolster our public outreach and education efforts. In return, you'll get all the rewards listed in the previous categories as well as a membership-exclusive coffee mug.

With a monthly donation of $100, you are sustaining the longest-operating LGBTQ+ community center in the state of Missouri. Make sure to check your mailbox for a membership-exclusive tote bag and all of the gifts listed above!

Your monthly donation of $150 or more makes you a foundational member of the GLO Center. Your support allows us to keep a permanent staff member. You'll receive the gifts from all previous levels, as well as an exclusive foundational gift.

Make a one-time donation

We also appreciate single contributions of any amount! Click the link below to donate now.

Make a One-Time Donation


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